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23 December 2010 @ 01:09 pm

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23 December 2010 @ 12:34 pm
I have been wanting to use these three psds by katic45 for a while now, and I decided to use the image with each of them. I think they all turned all lovely! Use them if you like, but please credit.

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23 December 2010 @ 11:12 am
As you may or may not know, Tinie features on JLS' next single from their new album - Outta This World. The single has been especially remixed to feature Tinie's rapping, and if you haven't yet heard it I suggest you do listen to it, because it really is quite good. The release date for Eyes Wide Shut is not know yet, but as soon as I find out I will let you all know.

Anyway, last night (22nd December 2010) Tinie appeared on stage with JLS to perform Eyes Wide Shut with them and I have added one MQ picture to the gallery which you can view below.

Gallery Links
- Live Performances - 2010 - Performing with JLS at Wembley Arena - 22nd December 2010 (x1)
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22 December 2010 @ 11:58 am
Ok, so I made the majority of these icons usinga PSD made by booitsemma, and I don't know, it just doesn't look right on some of these photos. I have a feeling the bases should have a lot of yellow in for the colouring to look right. Also, there is one b+w icon that I really like.

6 x Ellie Goulding

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22 December 2010 @ 10:04 am
Tinie has revealed that he doesn't like being called his real name - Patrick - as he thinks it is a huge turn off.

He said that even his mother doesn't call him it anymore, and that girls often think its cool to drop it into conversation. But he doesn't think its romantic, so if you fancy your chances with Tinie Tempah, don't call him Patrick. Or even Paddy.

Original Source: The Sun
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21 December 2010 @ 05:45 pm
I have just made 9 Ellie Goulding icons, if you use any please credit me! Comments are very welcome, let me know what you think!

9 x Ellie Goulding

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21 December 2010 @ 04:44 pm
With all the talk of Tinie breaking America recently, he has said he will not be signing with Jay-Z's label, Roc Nation.

He also says that he thinks rap is becoming a part of mainstream England, with a few prominent artists coming to the foreground, like America have Kanye West, Jay-Z and Drake, even.

He wants to concentrate what he is doing at the moment, which is fine by me. As long he keeps producing the music he has been doing.

The British 'Frisky' rapper was said to be being courted by Jay for his New York based label - which counts Willow Smith, Alexis Jordan and Jay himself among its artists - but thinks, although he is promoting himself in the US, he would currently rather stick to his British roots and record label.

When asked if he'd sign to Roc Nation, Tinie told website M is for Music: "I just been here in America doing quite a few things actually, and none of them has been that.

"D'ya know what, at this moment in time I'm just concentrating on what I'm doing. What Jay-Z has achieved for himself is incredible and if I could achieve something like that I'd be happy. But not at this minute. Only time will tell."

Original Source: Contact Music

Also posted on Tinie-Tempah.Org!
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21 December 2010 @ 02:57 pm
With the success of ‘Your Song’ rounding off 2010, which started great, had a mixed middle, and ended great, Ellie has now said she wants to take some time off to find herself. That’s all well and good Ellie, but don’t leave us for too long! We will miss you! But, if it means we get album number 2 then we’re all game for your brief disappearance. Have fun in your forest lodge Ellie!

She told me: “I’m going to go somewhere sunny and hot for new year but after that I plan to spend a month on my own.

“It’s my ‘find myself’ month, when I’ll also start work on album two.

“I’m not going to an exotic beach hut, though. That wouldn’t work for me when it comes to writing music.

“I want to go somewhere small and cold in the woods.

“A forest lodge maybe.”

She added: “My new year’s resolution is to be a better, more considerate person. The success of Your Song has been an amazing way to end the year, but 2010 has been a hard slog, from dragging my guitar around to endless gigs to reading negative reviews.

“Fortunately, I learnt to take no notice. Still, I probably became a bit wrapped up in myself. I think we can all be a bit selfish at times.”

Original Source: Daily Star

Also posted on Ellie-G.Com!
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